Sunday, May 31, 2009

Psycho Banquet Recap

2009-2010 Positions:
Captains: Loryn and Bonds
Tournament Directors: Austen and Joule
Treasurer: Penny
Recruitment: Tidal
Party Coordinator: Ziggy
Assistant Party Coordinator: Tidal
Fundraising: Kacto?
Meeko: Austen
Cool Down Coordinator: Kacto

2008-2009 Awards:
Loryn- Most likely to stalk opposing players online and then blame Joule
Guano- Most likely to get Spipit to settle down
Maytag- Most likely to get arrested on campus without getting written up and then swim/cycle/run/summersault home from the Santee Women’s Facility
Meeko- Most likely to make Erika Baken scream
Austen- Spam Award
Sir Robin- Most likely to be hazed as a fifth year
Brass- Most stylish scarf
Dada- Most vain
Ferris- Best head
Bonds- Most likely to know when it’s already raining
Piper- Energizer bunny
Tira- Most likely to fit in her own suitcase
Penny- Least likely to tell a hydration joke
Tidal- Most likely to need a dump
Kacto- Most likely to take the candy from the man in the unmarked van
Godiva- Most likely to rush Fall 2010
Beesley- Most likely to get a handblock with a T-Rex arm
Joule- Old man
Kroft- Why wear pants award
Ziggy- Most likely to believe that Loryn ate 12 tacos

Starting Seven:
Coach’s Pet: Tidal
Tang: Loryn
Spring Break Explosion: Piper
Most Improved: Austen
Best Offense: Bonds
Best Defense: Joule
MVP: Guano


  1. Hey now. Technically, I'm 'party coordinator.' Sounds much more snazzy than recruitment. And it implies I'm cool enough to plan ridonkulous frisbay parties :]

    Oh, and I love the recap!

  2. Wait, unless Zigs is still doing it, in which case I'm recruitment + party coordinator helper person.

  3. hey i'm still party coordinator! haha...tidal is helping me out in the fall though when i'm gone cause she's awesome

  4. nice work on the visuals for meeko's award

  5. Hahaha I love that you are now Meeko. Does that mean you're a ninja too?