Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coolest Psychos Preseason 2010

"You have so much coolness, they are doing studies on how to prevent global warming around you." -Splat

1. Archie
2. Slush
3. Imli
4. Agave
5. Carolyn
6. Tidal
7. Cosmo
8. Cuervo
9. Beesly
10. Chip
11. Gryllz
12. Joule


  1. Tidal is a band nerd...and willingly admits it...

  2. As long as I'm better than Gryllz and Joule. Like Loryn says, I have to assert my dominance over Gryllz so I can trick the rookies into thinking I have power.

  3. I'll take it. But Joule needs to up her status... I don't wanna hang out with an uncool co-captain.

  4. I was going to say something about how the rookies are dominating the top 5... but then I realized Beesly's the only real returner...

    And is Carolyn coming back?!

  5. Carolyn said she'll come back for practices every once in a while but I'm trying to convince her to come for sectionals and regionals as well. So far, she has politely declined. I think we should start a petition, perhaps on DC, and have everyone reply "I" to show they approve of this decision. All in favor?

  6. chip you will always be a fetus. and you can never assert your dominance over me because you listen to everything i say and because of our shotgun rule.

    joule and i dont care that we're on the bottom of the list. we're roomies. bottom of the cool list has to stick together.