Friday, June 19, 2009


The rankings of the coolest Psychos has been in the works since Snow Trip '08. Since this blog is the authority on matters such as this, here is the official list:

Coolest Psychos 2009
1. Ultra (no explanation needed)
2. Penny (also obvious)
3. Piper (has a second year boyfriend with a car)
4. Guano (proposed to by a Charger)
5. Tidal (might kick my ass if I put her any lower)
6. Kroft (surfer chick)
7. Tira (cool tattoo)
8. Dada (artist)
9. Godiva (hangs out with sorority girls)
10. Beesly (has friends that don’t play ultimate)
11. Maytag (ass of steel)
12. Brass (wears pretty dresses during the week)
13. Kacto (went abroad like Ultra)
14. Ziggy (has lived all over the world)

**divide between cool and not cool**

15. Loryn (spends too much time on the internet)
16. Bonds (spends too much time in the library)
17. Meeko (engineer)
18. Ferris (engineer that had braces in college)
19. Austen (has a blog)
20. Joule (having the same name as Ultra is the only thing that keeps her above Sir Robin)
21. Sir Robin (thinks too much about the coolest Psycho rankings)


  1. i am honored. i thought you guys would have forgotten me by now. miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hahahah hell yeah, i agree w/ ur number 1 ranking. but....

    16. Bonds (spends too much time in the library)

    ... dam.

    #2 in my book bonds (behind ultra). library hors r hot.

  3. Oh wow I didn't even make the list. I'm gonna need to step up my game.

  4. Hmmm Austen, I think you should be higher on the list. Fighting a freaking polar bear and 1) surviving and 2) winning definitely merits coolness points.

  5. Ok just because I have braces - does that make me not cool?? If so that is sooo not fair!!! And engineers are the coolest. I think meeko and I would agree on that

  6. Savage Round Robin Tournament

    Cool 7 vs. Mediocre 7:
    Kroft forgets to put on her shorts. Cool 7 wins 13-8.

    Loser 7 vs. Mediocre 7:
    Loser 7 throws zone, conveniently with everyone in their normal positions. Kacto, handling by herself, is screwed. Loser 7 wins 13-2.

    Loser 7 vs. Cool 7:
    Guano catches two Callahans so she doesn't have to run back down the field, but it's not enough. Loser 7 wins 13-6 and then hurries home to study for a biochem midterm.