Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coolest Psychos Version 2.0: A Preview

The results of the Most Underrated Cool Psycho Poll are in the books and an expanded list of the coolest Psychos is coming soon. Will Ultra hold on to her title? According to the latest poll, calling her the “Coolest Psycho” is still an understatement. I’ve never met Alicia White, but playing on Team USA makes her seem like the only one that could seriously challenge Ultra for the top spot. Here are some of the other factors that will affect the latest rankings:

More Cool:
1. having similarities to Ultra, such being a Muir student or having an ear piercing in the same place
2. the ability to beat me up
3. never having heard of this blog
4. inherent coolness
5. having a second year boyfriend with a car

Less Cool:
1. spending a lot of time with either Sir Robin or Joule
2. having a science major or a nerdy job, especially if you talk about it a lot and make nerdy jokes (this may apply to Ultra, but she started out too cool for it to bring her down)
3. moving out of San Diego, especially if it’s to Santa Barbara
4. posting on Dragon Coalition after you’ve graduated (or worse, reading Dragon Coalition secretly and not posting)
5. getting one and only one vote in the Underrated Cool Psycho Poll (I know you voted for yourself)