Thursday, July 9, 2009

Coolest Psychos Version 2.0

  1. Ultra
  2. Alicia White
  3. Beignet
  4. Bowie
  5. Penny
  6. Piper
  7. Tambler
  8. Bling
  9. Liz
  10. Vi
  11. Slash
  12. Ebo
  13. Guano
  14. Snoop
  15. Skippy
  16. Tidal
  17. Yahtzee
  18. Kroft
  19. Brenda
  20. Quito
  21. Patch
  22. Mahi
  23. Tira
  24. Ashley
  25. Dada
  26. Dwade
  27. Nala
  28. Poppins
  29. Godiva
  30. Violet
  31. Peaches
  32. Beesly
  33. Maytag
  34. Ros
  35. Brass
  36. Ziggy
  37. Zeta
  38. Bonds
  39. Cuervo
  40. Kacto
  41. Loryn
  42. Ferris
  43. Trig
  44. Lindsey
  45. Kini
  46. Meeko
  47. Austen
  48. Spipit
  49. Sir Robin
  50. Joule


  1. A couple complaints:
    1. Patch is definitely top 10 material
    2. Snoop?! What's cool about her? Besides the fact that she parades around town in a volvo convertible?
    3. Mr. Tsuruda would be proud of your ranking.

  2. Also:

  3. 3 rookies in top 25. I approve! hahahaha :]

  4. K-ma,

    I see where you're coming from. It sounds like Patch has been doing some big things since she's graduated, which is part of why she easily made the top half. She is definitely a sweetheart and she could have been at the top of that list, a list of smiley-est Psychos, or a list of bounciest Psychos. However, this list is very specific. She would have to be way more bad ass to get into the top 10. Which of the top 10 could you really bump down? Moving really far away dropped her down quite a bit too, because not seeing her around anymore is not cool at all.

    As for Snoop, I have two main reasons for her somewhat high ranking: (1) her I Love College remix video (, and (2) I've looked up her high school basketball stats, and found that she was quite a baller even before she was a Psycho.

    Keep the complaints coming- I feel really confident about these rankings now that I have Ultra's approval.

  5. How did Godiva drop so many spots from version 1.0? Same with Dada

  6. Jane-
    You really have to fix this... You need reasons/explanations cause I strongly disagree with much of your top 20.

    Also, we need to know where the break is between cool and not cool.

    I'll save my specific comments for when I hear your reasons...

    Sir Robin

  7. i can't believe blair is in the top 10 when she pronounces herself cool haha way to feed her ego even more jane

  8. that was me ziggy btw

  9. Sir Robin,

    What parts of my top 20 do you have problems with? I'm guessing somewhere between 2 and 20.

    1. Ultra- Ultra
    2. Alicia White- Team USA
    3. Beignet- cool job, inherent coolness
    4. Bowie- cooler than Penny
    5. Penny- uncontested second coolest current Psycho
    6. Piper- already has a ride
    7. Tambler- national championship, Gambler’s sister
    8. Bling- legendary shenanigans, real name sounds like a frisbee name, too much style for an ultimate player, but moving away
    9. Liz- med school student that rides a skateboard, a beast on the field, bonus points for family and neighbors
    10. Vi- national championship, could beat me up and alludes to it, really good at basketball
    11. Slash- wins the party
    12. Ebo- studies for med school exams on the way to tournaments
    13. Guano- would play Regionals on a torn ACL if nobody stopped her
    14. Snoop- see comment above (video, 8.3 RPG)
    15. Skippy- Ultra says she's cool, #23 is always a baller
    16. Tidal- super rookie, knows more about ultimate than I do
    17. Yahtzee- universal Squid crush
    18. Kroft- doesn’t wear pants
    19. Brenda- arrested in Mexico, sent Bling to the hospital, similarities to Ultra, but hangs out with Joule too much
    20. Quito- ridiculously spontaneous world traveler

  10. Nagana,

    We just have a lot of alumni and a couple b-teamers that are cooler than both Godiva and Dada. That's all there is to it.


    I'd bet Blair thinks her ranking is a blow to her ego because she still claims to be cooler than Ultra, doesn't she?

  11. So specifically, I think there need to be two blanks after ultra to make it clear that she really is separate from the rest of the group and on a whole other level. I think Alicia should then be four followed by another blank. Then I think Bowie and Penny are tied for 6th. THEN comes Beignet.

    I need to hear more about what legendary shenanigans you are talking about to convince me Bling is so high (maybe I've just forgotten?). I agree that Brenda should be low because she hangs out with Joule too much, but Brenda is def cooler than Vi. so I really don't get your ranking there...

    Also, but separate from the top 20, Spipit should be a LITTLE higher (like at least top 40) and Ros should be a lot lower (like just above Kini)

  12. Spipit is all talk. There's no way she's cooler than me. It's really nerdy that Ros talks about viruses all the time but she's also from New Mexico and walks on hot coals.

  13. You forgot to add the bit about the 11 tacos :] hahaha

  14. You're right. That could fall under the "super rookie" category, but it does deserve to be mentioned by itself. Perhaps this list will never be finalized.

  15. you should have a list of top 50 douche bag squids
    1) Aamco
    2) Monstro
    3) Nagana
    4) Guilder
    5) boont