Thursday, July 23, 2009

Disc Golf

When I tell people I play Ultimate Frisbee and they don't ask me if I mean throwing a Frisbee to a dog, they often ask me if I mean disc golf. Sometimes I just say "Oh right, that's what it's called," so I don't have to explain all the rules of Ultimate for the 7,000th time. I should probably stop doing that.

Yesterday, Meeko, Penny, Mahi, Loryn (down from Huntington Beach for a couple days), and I went out and played disc golf at the course in Balboa Park. I’d only played on the course on campus before then. Most of those times were during my freshman year when I didn't know how to throw at all, so I'd lose my disc it the middle (or beginning) of the round and go back to my room with my head down in shame, so this was basically my first disc golf experience. Despite being the middle of the week, the course was fairly busy. Then again, it was a beautiful day in tourist season. We were using regular Ultra Star discs (“Jumbos”) while everyone else on the course used legitimate disc golf discs so we stuck out. One guy gave us a hard time about it, but he was clearly just trying to make an excuse to talk to Penny (it didn’t work). Using the big discs reminded me a lot of Happy Gilmore using a hockey stick to putt in his golf tournaments. Our drives didn’t go as far as they would have, but it was good practice. I felt like I had a much better feel for the game once we were on the seventh hole or so. All in all, it was a great deal of fun. Nobody had to climb any trees to get their disc or got hit in the head by any stray flying discs. Success! Loryn was the star of the day with Meeko right behind her.

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