Sunday, September 27, 2009

Psycho Recruitment

All week we've been hunting down freshmen and trying to get them to come out to our first practice on Thursday and I'm already stoked about some of the girls. Even though I've spoken with only a small fraction of the total number of girls that expressed interest in coming out to play this year, I've heard from two high school players. What a leap forward it'll be for our program to bring in players that already know how to throw a flick and understand the fundamentals of the game. A few girls are taller than me, including one former basketball player that must be sit feet tall. A ton of girls seemed really enthusiastic about playing ultimate and more girls than I expected stopped to let me try to sell them on ultimate even though they hadn't considered playing for us. As expected, most of our recruits are freshmen, but there are also some older girls looking for a change in pace. Quite a few guys came up to us for information about playing for the Squids, including a guy that declared himself to be "the best Frisbee player in the world". I didn't let him go with a proclamation like that, so we gave him some challenges to prove that he's actually the best in the world. Have fun with that one, Squiddies.

Our theme song for recruitment is "Paparazzi" because we follow potential rookies until they love us. Hopefully they'll all c-come out and see that we'd be so fantastical and that the disc is plastic but we still have fun.

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